I’d like to share 3 ways to achieve goals faster. Once you have a goal in mind and a target for completion, look at these ways to speed up the process. Goals can be reached faster than you initially imagined, depending on how you work toward the results.

A planner is very useful for visualizing  your goals and achieving them.

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A goal doesn’t have a definite timeline. You can accomplish things faster or slower. It’s up to you. I’m going to share ways that you can hasten the process. First, remember that you’ll get to the target more rapidly, if you focus. But there are more strategies that can help you.




Form a Team

There is only so much that you can do yourself. Your skills are better in some areas than others. It’s smart to delegate. At first, this may be difficult. If you have a tendency to want to control the process in every detail, you might have trouble relying on others. But give them a chance.

Forming a team can be done by using service providers. I use a team for my publishing business, but each team member is an independent contractor. I don’t control when or how they accomplish tasks. But I benefit from the product.

Organizing in this way, allows you to work with people who are passionate about what they do. If the person has chosen a career in a field like graphics or editing, they are likely to enjoy that type of work. And in my experience, they will be better at it than I am.

It takes effort to find the right service providers, but it’s worth it. While you are working on what you do best, a lot of other tasks are being accomplished by your team. Overall, the goals are achieved faster and more efficiently.


Find Shortcuts

Often, there are faster easier ways to do things. I’ve discovered that using templates for graphics speeds the creation of a product. For many functions, there are software programs to assist you. And many are free, especially to start out.

Even with a goal such as weight loss, you can find faster ways to get to your goal. High intensity training is an example, as it burns fat faster.

Stay in tune with changes and developments in technology in your chosen field or activity. Joining forums, listening to webinars, or participating in relevant groups is useful. You’ll get to know others and learn more about what you’re trying to do. And you’ll discover ways to do things faster.


Work Extra Hours

To get to your goal faster, putting in more time is helpful. Once you’ve delegated what you can, one way to achieve results more quickly is to put in extra time. If you’re writing or creating, try to carve out an extra session. Even 15-20 minutes, over several weeks, can make a difference.

You can get up earlier, or work a bit later in the day. It doesn’t have to be dramatic, unless you’re on a tight deadline. Consistently working more time each week will bring your goal within reach faster. But be sure to schedule the extra hours without putting yourself at risk.

It’s important to get enough sleep and take care of yourself. Pushing past your tolerance is self-defeating. Eventually, you’ll be unable to maintain your schedule and accomplish your tasks. That will only push your goal further into the future.

When you begin an important activity, arrive in condition to do your best. In the hours that you’ve allotted, work diligently. This will pay off better than ignoring your needs and trying to work beyond your endurance. Proper scheduling and focus can assist you to avoid the temptation to overwork.


Achieve Goals Faster

Prepare and strategize in advance. To achieve a larger goal, start with smaller objectives and action steps. It’s helpful to write out the sequence of the action steps. A planner is useful to track this. Incorporate the 3 ways to achieve goals faster: form a team, find shortcuts, and work extra hours. You’ll shorten the time to reach your goal, boost your morale, and see results faster.

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