You might wonder how to track your progress on all the important things you do. If you’re like me, there are many activities that you are involved in. But how do you keep track of all of that?

A printable tracker can be a simple way to track your important tasks. I use various types of printables, depending on the topic. In your tracker, you’ll want to jot down notes and mark off achievements. If you do this daily, it will be easier to follow your progress.


How To Track Your Progress On Important Tasks


1. Things You Are Thankful For

Gratitude is a common theme when journaling. It’s helpful to write down all that you are thankful for. When you are feeling low, you can read over this list and remind yourself just how blessed your life is. This list can be created for different time periods, such as “5 Things I’m Thankful for This Week/Month.”


2. To Do List

If you have upcoming tasks or events that you need to remember, make a list and track your completions. Your tracker could be done weekly, daily, or even monthly, and you can mark off the tasks as you finish each one. Your to-do list can include chores or pleasure activities. If you want to clean out the attic, list the specific tasks involved and mark them off in a tracker. Reflect at the end of each week and pat yourself on the back for the things you accomplished.


3. Short-Term Goals

Start your week by listing what you hope to achieve in the next 5-7 days. It’s good to have an abundance of short-term goals. You don’t have to complete all tasks. The idea is to put them in a tracker with due dates. Any that you can’t get to, can be carried over to the next time block.


4. Long-Term Goals

It’s great to make a list of your long-term goals. Dreaming of the future is a way to lead you to better things. And using a list as a starting point allows you to plan how you’ll achieve each goal. Progress updates can be noted in your tracker.


5. Goals You Have Achieved

When you achieve goals, yourself a handwritten high five in your tracker! You could have a row of stars, then color in your rating. If you did an awesome job, give yourself a 5-star!


6. Favorite Movies/Music/TV Shows/Books

It can be fun to make lists of favorite things. It’s easy to make such lists and then mark off the things you do. I like to track movies I’ve seen or books I’ve read. It helps to know what I’ve enjoyed when I’m deciding on something new. And it is helpful when friends or family ask for recommendations. Or maybe it will spark an urge to re-watch a movie you loved or to listen to a band’s newest album.


7. Places to Visit

Traveling is a great hobby. There are so many interesting places to go and fascinating sites to see. Jot down where you would like to have an adventure. This can include many types of things on your tracker, including what you’d pack, what you would do while in a particular city, or why you want to go there. You can mark off where you go/what you do, on your tracker. And be sure to make notes of your favorite memories and print out some pictures as well.


8. Hobbies to Try

There are likely things you have wanted to try but haven’t gotten around to. Create a list, so you can find some new hobbies. Write a list then add each one to a tracker. You can see your progress as you work through your tasks. And make notes about how you enjoyed it, or what could have been better. That will be helpful when you’re looking for your next hobby.


9. Motivational or Inspirational Quotes

It’s good to write your favorites on your trackers. Getting things done requires motivation. One of your quotes might come in handy when you most need it. And reading quotes can inspire you to do more or have confidence.


10. Family Traditions

You might not think of trackers in this way. But getting together with family or friends can include a list of tasks and activities. Tracking your preparation will make it easier to do. You’ll see exactly what you need to get done and feel good each time you mark off a task.


11. Planners

Habit trackers are commonly found in planners. They are usually a one-page sheet with space to mark off tasks, or to color in milestones. Your trackers are an aid to ensure that you get everything done that you want to, and can even reinforce the creation of healthy habits.


12. Mood Tracker

A mood tracker can give you insight into your feelings. To go along with that, try writing down things that make you happy. Maybe a bowl of ice cream, a particular movie or song, or your favorite hoodie from college makes you smile. This list will help you when you are feeling sad. You can look at it and find what sparks joy so you can brighten your mood.


13. Solving Boredom

Create a list of different things to do on standby and track when you do them. Add ideas and expand on your list. Despite a normally busy life, you may have a period when you have nothing to do. A list of rainy-day activities can come in handy when that happens. Plus, it’s a great way to cure that “I’m bored” nagging from a partner or kids; just give them a rainy-day activity to do.


14. Your Daily Routine

Spend a day or two making a list of all your daily habits and tasks. This is a great way to see where you are spending your time. And then you’ll see what type of trackers you need. You can use habit trackers to help you create a daily routine that gets things done.


15. Self-Care Ideas

Think about ways you can destress and pamper yourself. Then track it. Look at what things you do in a day or a week that were for your benefit. It’s an easy way to see and improve on self-care. Refer to it often when you need some “me” time. This can include simple things like getting your favorite coffee or taking a bubble bath. See how many you can mark off!


How To Track Your Progress On Important Tasks

I hope that I’ve given you many ways to track your progress. You can print a tracker page for almost anything. Keeping track puts you in control. And don’t have to keep it all in your head. Right it down, check it off on your tracker, and color in gold stars for your achievements.

Goal Planner

Printable trackers make it simple. When you need another tracker, just print another page of the one you want to use. You can scribble them up, cross things out. And just print another one when you’re ready to start again.

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